Dear Beloved,

You were made for love. Before you were born, your Creator whispered Beautiful. While you were making  your way into the world people were near you telling your Mom, “You can do this! Push! He is worth every ounce of pain!” Except if that was not your story and your scars were formed before you were born. I am sorry, please know that you are wanted, you are loved, and you are worthy of belonging to this wonderful and awful mess called the human race. We all have scars, we all have unhealed wounds, we all have fears, doubts, and longings, but know this, each person reading this letter, you are called Beloved, even if your mother or father forsake you, the Author of your life loves you and calls you His Beloved.

This is the message that I need to read, hear, speak, and live in light of. We are all hungry for love. Some of us have been so wounded by those who were entrusted with our care when we were born and didn’t know how to love that we have built fortresses around our hearts, doing our best to not let anyone in, and at the same time desperately needing to be wanted and to be loved. I believe it is a part of our make-up as human beings and in the majority of cases our lives were a result of two people doing their best to express love for one another.

Connection is one of the ingredients needed for the Love Feast. We need to make connections with one another. Here in the 21st century first world we want to make sure we’ve got a WiFi connection, even while we are shopping we can connect to the store’s free WiFi, but that is not the kind of connection I am talking about. It is as I recently experienced for the second time in as many weeks, people reaching across the table taking my hands in theirs and pleading my case to the God who is Love as I had revealed my wound, one that has never seemed to have healed the one that says, “you don’t belong.” In essence, my beloved sisters said, with their presence around the table, reaching out to touch me, without a word but with power,  “You belong!”

Most likely we will never meet face to face but we can make a connection through our words of love, encouragement, and challenge in the blogosphere. Then go out into the world we live in and connect with others perhaps you will need to take baby steps and make it a point to smile at everyone you meet. Eventually, I hope you are surrounded by a community of people who will love you and help you to know that you belong.

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One who has been disarmed by Love,