Dear Parents of School aged children, The following poem is written to you and for you, and especially for those of you who have decided the thing you never considered doing – educating your children at home. I don’t mean, you have opted to do school remotely. I mean taking on the whole thing, authority and responsibility. There is a lot to wade through in the 21st century. A plethora of options is putting it mildly. My desire is that you find hope and encouragement in this poem. Remember you are not alone and no matter how you decide to educate your children, intentionally or not, you are always teaching your children.

Head, Heart, Hands

It came in the mail

Landed on my nightstand

It was the only thing I read

Before falling asleep

Perhaps I had 3 or 4

Publications to choose from

You have 3 or 4 thousand

You narrow it down to 35

The number of tabs on your browser

I had time to consider

Make a choice without much


Email, Facebook, Instagram

A text comes in

Your Wi-Fi goes out

I had an uninterrupted

Conversation with my husband

You’ve started the discussion

5 times without success

I chose to start after Labor Day

You didn’t know you had a choice

The basics

The fundamentals

All kids need these

You want more…

You spend more…

Reading and Writing

Two plus two is still four

A square still has four equal sides

A pound is 16 ounces

Zero multiplied by anything is still zero

A house or a nation will not stand when it is divided

Good food

Fresh air

Time alone

And together

A place to call Home

Shoes for feet

A bed with clean sheets

Love with Patience

And Kindness

Beauty in Books and Nature

Gentle Guidance

Clear Boundaries

Peaceful Sleep

Walk, Run, Jump

Touch your toes

Swim in the Ocean

Enjoy the sunshine

Not just the snow

Shoot hoops

Play fair

The days are long, but the years are short

You will not pass this way again

Be fierce in the struggle

Share the load with others

Your kids’ education

Was always in your hands

No matter where they

Do their learning

There are as many reasons

As parents to why you decided

To keep them home

Schools are open

Sort of

Teachers are stretched

Some are quitting

Everything is in flux






Requires stress

How much? What kind?

You the parents decide

Listen to your kids

Know where they are in their

Hearts and minds

Take it into account

Don’t yearn for what has been

Look forward

Face today

Know that you do not have to go it alone

Remember God gave you a brain to use


Remember your children

Are your


Remember they

Want and need your guidance

Especially the ones who challenge

You – expect

A Loving Authority

There is still time to ask for help

Perhaps change your mind

Parental influence is the most

Powerful one in the world

For good or evil – it is shaping the future

It determines educational success

Man or woman it is your hand that rocks the cradle.

(to be continued…)

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