This is The New Blog

After 10 years of blogging at Caitriona, I have decided to continue writing on my WordPress site. 2014 marks the completion of the 13th year of this millennium. Here is my new site for blogging. I am excited about using WordPress. It has been quite a transition having all of our children out of the nest since August 2012 and my husband and I continue to transition into this new season of life. We are a couple again and it has been an adjustment. Closing out a great season of raising children, I am exploring what is next for me.

Disarmed by Love
In so many ways over the last 27 years God has shown His love to me through people and He uses a cracked pot like me as well to love others. There are weapons that I have held onto from childhood that are no longer needed. In some ways life in this world is a battle but I am learning that I don’t have to fight. I can stand tall and strong when I need to by God’s grace. Learning the lessons of taking on a humble posture, receiving gifts that cannot be wrapped and keep on giving such as love, grace, mercy and compassion that are exchanged in relationships. In my brokenness I have found myself on more than one occasion caught armed with these weapons that no longer protect me nor do they bring me lasting peace, joy, and freedom. This line of defense can only be disarmed by Love.

So after some current scars from recent experiences, I have realized that there are no winners when love does not reign. People come out battered and torn when the standards are not fueled by love and understanding. Relationships are destroyed when wisdom coupled with compassion are nowhere to be found. We were made for love and all of us long for it. It will not be perfect in this life, in fact loving can be very messy. If we are fortunate we will love and be loved. This will involve heartache. Love requires some grit and often it means self-sacrifice. When you are on the receiving end of someone putting themselves aside for your sake, it is hard to not come undone.

Here is to hoping for the love of the Gospel to reign, rule and have its way with me more than it ever has before this time in my journey. That I will continue to learn to laugh with abandon, to dance as if no one is looking and to love as if my life depended on it. Sounds like I have set the bar too high and indeed I have. However, if I believe in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his great love with which He loves me and that He is ready and willing to live through me, then if I come to the end of myself and find my identity in Him, then I believe He will do it all and then some through me.


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